Sarah Gameel Integral Coach & NLP Practitioner

Sarah started her career in 2005 working with people in Customer Service and Operations. In 2009, she took a leap of faith and left the corporate world to pursue her dream in Human Development. Since then, Sarah has dedicated herself to furthering her knowledge and has been awarded several training and workshop certificates. Sarah has obtained an Individual and Corporate Life Coach certification in 2014, accredited from ACF.

In April 2017, she obtained her certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and as an NLP Practitioner, Sarah is certified to work with Timeline therapy, Hypnosis, Milton Language Patterns, Trauma Healing, Phobia cure, among other techniques. Certified from the International Neuro Linguistic Programming Association (INLPTA) and The International Academy for Training and Consulting, USA (I.A.T.C). Also in November 2017, she was awarded the Integral and Systemic Coaching certification, accredited by the International Coaching Institute (ICI).

As a Life Coach at The Wellness Hub and with her competent knowledge, Sarah can walk you through your journey of self-discovery, self-healing, dealing with psychological challenges that may cause limitations and guide you towards a positive fulfilling life.

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