Samar Lotfy Counseling Psychologist, M.A

Samar is a counseling psychologist who earned her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the American University in Cairo (AUC). She has trained in a variety of counseling settings such as The Behman Hospital, CARE institution, and several private clinics. She spent the last year in training at the Psychology Training center at the AUC, where she provided counseling for students, alumni, staff and faculty. This exposure provided her with practical experience in helping clients struggling with various cognitive, emotional and behavioral difficulties.

She gained experience in diagnosing, conceptualizing and creating tailored treatment plans for clients struggling with depression, anxiety, personality, mood and eating disorders, as well as helping clients with parenting problems.

Samar believes that psychotherapy is the path to self-exploration. It is a journey into one’s inner world that results in understanding of the self and how it affects and is affected by the outside world leading to self-growth and acceptance. She is passionate about helping clients explore their inner world, be genuine to themselves and to others and to love and accept themselves.

She believes that having a meaningful relationship that provides unconditional acceptance is key to healing a lot of human wounds and this is what she hopes to provide to her clients. She prefers to use an interpersonal approach to therapy, besides using techniques from approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral and Existential therapy.

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