Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to promote mental health and mindful existence.Knowing oneself better, resolving conflicts, working through personal issues and problems, achieving a balanced lifestyle, developing healthy habits, pursuing one’s potential are all goals that can be reached through The Wellness Hub.



We believe it is never too late to begin the journey into self-inquiry and better health. Our aim is to raise awareness on the person’s overall well-being. Our ethics is based on trust and confidentiality.



Counselling and psychotherapy are umbrella terms that cover a range of talking therapies. They are delivered by our trained psychotherapists and counseling psychologists who work with people over a short or long term to help them bring about effective change or enhance their wellbeing.


Coaching has the intention of digging deep inside the soul to be able to reach one's potential. It’s self-empowerment to reach goals. It’s connecting with your own ’Yes I can’ .It is simply transforming you into the conscious creator of your own reality, as opposed to being a result of your environment.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies offer a different approach to traditional therapy . At the HUB, We offer pranic healing, macrobiotics, meditation and homeopathy.


Meet the Team

Here at the HUB therapists and practitioners come from diverse backgrounds, with degrees from international and local universities, in order to provide you with professional, credible, and confidential support.

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Our Facility

Our office spaces were carefully designed to evoke a sense of warmth and relaxation. At the HUB we believe that our environments are regarded to having a potential effect on the client's sense of psychological and physiological wellbeing. In decorating each out of our rooms we were conscious in selecting comfortable seating, nuetral color palettes, beautiful artworks, and plant life.

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Press Coverage

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Malak is very creative and intelligent in her therapeutic process. From breathwork to getting grounded on the ground all while doing inner child work and walking through my trauma. I would’ve never guessed trauma work could be fun. Malak Elsarfy, Therapist – Malak El Husseiny

Malak challenges my way of thinking allowing me to see other perspective. My experience with therapy is better than what I expected. I look forward to my session every week. Annonymous, Therapist – Malak El Husseiny

Nashwa is a really good listener and friendly. She helps me notice and explore things I did not know I was struggling with. I like how she listens to the problems and finds strong connections and offers explanations for them. Anonymous, Therapist – Nashwa Rashad

Nashwa helps others in need of feeling heard and understood. She validates my feelings and I love how she re-caps in the end of our sessions putting everything all together. Hana, Therapist – Nashwa 

I love how Gina treats our feelings and are very keen in following up all the progress with parents. My son felt that you were nice and did not feel like a doctor is treating him.  Nada, Therapist – Gina Khalifa

Zeina is compassionate, sympathetic, and encouraging. I feel comfortable and see my improvement along the way through therapy. She is respecting of my beliefs, ideas, and background and etc. She does not give advice, instead she makes us think together to search for the positive conclusion of each situation. Anonymous, Therapist – Zeina Ibrahim

Zeina Ibrahim is very professional and always made me feel comfortable and heard. She guided me to understand and love myself better. I felt heard and validated, the pace of the process was suitable for me, it gave me time to explain myself, work on myself growth, and point out my progress.   Mariam Ali, Therapist – Zeina Ibrahim

Mirit helped me understand myself and my emotions better, which has helped me a lot. She had also guided me in discovering myself, and what I am feeling. Which has helped me improve myself and copen with things I could not handle before. Anonymous, Mirit

Ahmed gave me the chance to dig into my problems deeply without any feelings of judgment. He helped me answer all the questions that were inside me. Dealing with Dr. Ahmed was the best thing that happened to me he’s very decent, professional, and a good listener. He also provided a safe space where I could easily speak my mind without worrying. The sessions gave me the power to start my life from a fresh peaceful place. Anonymous, Dr. Ahmed El Messiry 

Dr. Abeer helped me very much during this period in my life to get rid of my anxiety and panic attacks. She was patient and listened to me carefully. This was my first experience in therapy and it was a great time. Mona fahmy

Farah Abd-El-Bary relieved my stress, helped with self management, and knew how to deal with what I fear most of the time. She knows how to get how I feel or think most of the time even if I didn’t speak about it much. Mohamed Tobar, Therapist – Farah Abd-El-Bary


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