Nashwa Rashad- Counselor psychologist, M.A


Nashwa Rashad is a counseling psychologist, her clinical skills and experience are a culmination of various placements in non-governmental organizations such as Watenya, private clinics such as the inside out, the Psychological Counseling Services and Training Center at AUC, and Behman hospital. She has experience treating clients who suffer from low-self-esteem, anxiety disorders (social anxiety, perfectionism, generalized anxiety disorder), adjustment disorder, depressive disorders, borderline personality disorder, eating disorder, relationship issues, breakups and providing help to individuals with medical conditions. In addition, she conducted research with breast cancer survivors on some factors that help them deal with their trauma. She also was trained to treat couples using emotional focused therapy.


Nashwa always works on being fully present with her clients so that she may fully understand their inner world. Her aim is to have every client feel heard, acknowledged, and appreciated so that they may experience a safe space to express their emotions and thoughts freely without feeling any sense of judgment or any assumptions. She believes that people change by exploring, connecting, and being authentic with themselves. She also believes that it is important for each person to love and accept him/herself as they are so that they may pursue change.


  • Masters of counseling at the American University in Cairo (AUC)


  • Nashwa presented a webinar on how to communicate with breast cancer patients with Anti-Cancer team(ACT-AUC).
  • Nashwa  worked in the AUC’s Psychological Counseling Services and Training Center as a teacher assistant. This enlightened her interest in psychology more and made her learn more about the ethics and qualifications of psychologists.
  • Nashwa has a history of volunteering at places like safe kids to help raise awareness about sexual abuse.  In her free time, Nashwa loves to bake, work out and dance hip hop.