Our Impact


The Wellness Hub has teamed up with Indira jewelry to provide mental health services to those who can’t access these services

The Indira impact fund is part of The Wellness Hubs commitment to give people access to the resources they need to support their mental health. Indira Jewelry donates 5% of select products from their products to increase access to mental health services at The Wellness Hub.

2023- 24 Goals


Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide mental health services to everyone regardless of their financial status.

We want to promote mindfulness and give people the tools they need to feel less alone and more supported in this fast paced world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a safe and welcoming space for mental well-being to anyone and everyone.

How It Works

The Wellness Hub works diligently with its ethical and qualified therapists to ensure that the funding provided is allocated appropriately.

A form is provided to those who ask for lower fees or waived fees.

The therapist and management team at The Wellness Hub evaluate and approve the cases that need this support.