Hanaa Ahmed- Self – empowerment Coach, NLP Practitioner


With a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and minor in Psychology from the American University in

Cairo, Hana was lucky to study her two passions, healing and writing. Starting with a career as a

news reporter in Egypt Today/Business Today, Hana experienced the healing powers of writing

before she entered the real-estate world in 2011 where her career flourished for 6 years. Going

back to her core, she resumed her healing studies by becoming an ICF Certified Life Coach and

an NFNLP Certified NLP Coach. In addition, as a member of the Relationship Coaching Institute,

Hana specializes in relationship coaching offering a Conscious Dating program aiming to help

singles gain the awareness, tools and resources to realize their desire for a healthy lasting

relationship. Through her coaching journey, Hana focuses on empowering people by shedding the

light on their existing resources and strength helping them to re-write their story and transform

their lives. While holding a safe space for people to shed their layers, Hana provides them with the

needed strategies and tools that will help them actualize their highest self. As a firm believer in

the uniqueness of each person, she tailors her coaching methods and tools to fit the clients’

current reality as well as their emotional and mental needs. She believes that a successful

coaching journey will lead to a harmonious relationship among the soul, heart and mind leading to

self-awareness, acceptance and self-worth.